What is a Post Frame Building?

pole building hoover buildingsPost-frame buildings are wood frame structures that use square pressure-treated posts as the prime structural members. These posts replace foundations and bear the weight of the building.

Post-frame buildings use wooden trusses to support roof loads, which may be attached to each post or supported by a header. Roof purlins and wall girts hold the posts and trusses together to form the framework of the building.

The post-frame buildings are then covered with high tensile steel roofing and siding.

Post-frame buildings are economical, flexible, durable, long lasting and attractive in appearance.

Hoover has erected countless post-frame structures in various applications which include back-yard buildings, garages, horse barns, airplane hangers, hay storage, shelters, fire stations, restaurants, church buildings, offices, RV, camper and boat storage, mini warehouses, workshops, agricultural, and many numerous other applications.

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