Creston EMS Project

Dear Jim, We truly appreciate all of your hard work and efforts in the successful completion of the Creston EMS project located at 2145 Old Number Six Hwy, Cameron, SC .With teamwork provided by you and your employees to go above and beyond we were able to turn this project over with a very high quality of craftsmanship. Our customer was very impressed with the quality of the finished product and the dedication of your team¬Ě to meet their requests. Bobbitt and the Creston EMS personnel thank you very much for your attention to detail.

We can reflect on what it actually takes to meet customer's needs and expectations, but when you can exceed customer's expectations there is only one way to achieve this. Bobbitt is simply the conductor of the orchestra¬Ě and you and your team of employees are the ones actually playing the music. If it were not for subcontractors that actually perform the work, Bobbitt could not meet customer's expectations to this level. In return, this will provide all of us repeat and referral business.

Everyone at Bobbitt Design Build would like to thank you once again for your attention to detail and assistance.

Rich Yosick, Project Manager


2145 Old Number Six Hwy, Cameron, SC


Bobbitt Design Build