Seeing Workmen that Have Pride in Their Work is a Welcome Sight

My involvement with Hoover Buildings has been a pleasure from the first time I walked through the door, and I have ended up with a building that I am proud to own. Your Knowledge of the product and process was complete and a great help to me in realizing what I wanted in a building. The quality of the materials used was first rate. The construction crew was competent, precise, and efficient. Please give my complements to Stevie and the crew. The concrete crew also deserves recognition for an outstanding job. The finish on the inside floor is beautiful. On the outside, the extra work and time spent on the hand joints at every post has impressed everyone that comes by. Seeing workmen that have pride in their work is a welcome sight and somewhat of a surprise in a time when it seems many people have little interest in doing a good job.
Please share my complements to all involved and feel free to use me and my experience with Hoover Buildings as an endorsement. Also, my complements to Mr. Hoover for running a first rate operation.

Eddie F. Bird