Pole Building

Dear Mr. Hoover,
This memo is to express my thanks and gratitude for a job well done in constructing my pole building in Aiken, SC.
I am particularly impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of the construction crew that constructed the building.

These gentlemen worked diligently and very hard to complete the building with the highest quality standards in the shortest possible time possible. I was impressed with their efforts since I was told that it would take 4 - 5 days to complete the building. They completed it in 3 days. The work that they did is of the highest quality and professional grade standards.

As an engineer in the nuclear industry, who has been around and seen construction many times, I was very impressed with this crew and their work ethics. The entire team worked very well together. During the entire three day period, I do not remember a single time in which one of the crew completed a task and stood around and waited to be told what to do next. Instead they simply completed one task and moved directly to the next one without having to be told to do so and without any wasted time or effort. This is the hallmark of a highly trained, highly motivated, and professional crew. It is also an excellent reflection on their enthusiasm for their job and is an excellent reflection on your company and its values. I also want to thank them for their courtesy in answering the many questions that I asked them during the three days. I was trying to learn how to do this type work from the professionals (and what a set of professionals) and was constantly asking questions. The crew accepted that I wanted to learn and was very good at explaining what they were doing or why they were doing it. Again, the hallmark of a good professional is his ability to educate others and everyone on the crew did an excellent job of educating me.

I am very impressed with the professionalism, loyalty, and dedication to quality work of this crew. I am also very pleased with the quality of the building that they erected for me. Their very high quality work and professionalism are great credit to and a wonderful reflection of your company.

If I ever need another building like this one, I will call on Hoover Buildings for the building and will specifically ask for this crew to do the construction.

I also very much appreciate the efforts of your salesman in getting the building on the construction schedule and his help with all the other factors involved in getting the building up.

Please convey my appreciation and deepest thanks for the highly professional and high quality work of this crew. As someone who is a perfectionist when I am making something, I appreciate quality and professionalism in other people's work and I saw this crew demonstrate the best of both.




Aiken, SC


URS Washington Division, Washington Safety Management Solutions