Why Use Hoover Trusses?

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Hoover Is Local

Hoover Trusses, Inc. has been in business for over 30 years. We are locally owned and operated and are conveniently located near I-20 in Lexington, S.C.

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Hoover Means Quality

Your trusses will be built using the most modern truss manufacturing methods. All trusses are computer designed with laser layout ensuring accurate and quality built trusses.

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Hoover Designs

We can design all types of roof and floor trusses for all types of needs. We design using the latest computer technology. Hoover Trusses, Inc. Is very competitive in our pricing and we give free estimates.

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Hoover Delivers

At Hoover we have our own drivers and delivery equipment which ensures a rapid delivery time.

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Contact Us today.

803-359-9920 or 800-922-3934

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Why Use Wood Trusses?

SAVE MONEY: The cost is known in advance, your site erection time is reduced, and losses from job site material shortages are eliminated.

RELIABILITY: Each truss has been individually designed and that design is approved by certified engineers for structual adequacy.

VERSATILITY: Engineered trusses provide more design flexibility than conventional framing. They offer numerous custom design options and present an economical and structurally superior method for rapid erect.


truss - roof slope - top chord - bottom chord


SPAN: the length of the bottom chord.

OVERHANG LENGTH: the horizontal distance from the end of the bottom chord to the bottom edge of the top chord.

QUANTITY: the number of trusses you need can be easily determined as they are usually spaced 24 inches on center (O.C.)

DESIGN LOAD: the sum of the live and dead loads for top and bottom chords, plus the allowable stress increase.

ROOF SLOPE: the vertical rise in inches per 12 inch horizontal run.

TYPE OF TRUSS: Indicate the truss configuration desired, such as scissor, etc.


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