Steel Frame

Metal building systems are professionally engineered structures that provide cost effective and efficient solutions for your construction needs. Metal buildings are extremely versatile and can incorporate many different architectural finishes to provide the right appearance for churches, office buildings, warehouses, commercial buildings, auto body shops, and flex spaces.

metal buildings

Each building and its components are designed according to the customer's specifications and then pre-engineered to expedite the erection process. While there are many variations, the basic elements of the metal building system are primary framing members, secondary framing members (wall girts and roof purlins), roof system, wall system and accessories.

The primary advantage of steel, also referred to as "red iron", is its strength. Steel has a high degree of workability because it can be cut, welded, shaped and formed to meet a great variety of needs. Steel can also take a great deal of abuse and wear.


  • Auto body & Repair Shops
  • Family Life Centers
  • Flex space
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Mini-Warehouses
  • Office Warehouses