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Hoover Metal Buildings was founded in 1986 by the Hoover brothers in order to meet the needs of a growing number of commercial customers in the midlands. Steel framed buildings are ideal for warehousing and other commercial applications, so it is no wonder Hoover Metal Buildings thrived in a growing community. Today, Hoover Metal Buildings still primarily deals on the commercial side of things. However, because of the versatility of steel construction we can offer our services for virtually any kind of building.

At Hoover Metal Buildings we build using Red Iron steel columns and framing instead of wood framing. This means that the structure of the building is derived from the strength of the steel frame, allowing the building to span massive distances and be exceedingly durable, all with the maximum amount of ceiling height. Steel buildings are ideal for commercial applications because they maximize the amount of usable space that a business can use, all while being low maintenance and exceedingly durable.

Hoover Metal Buildings is a fully licensed general contractor, and has been for over 30 years. In that time, we have designed and built hundreds of buildings all across the midlands. Depending on what the use for your building is, sometimes there is no need for an Architect to design the structure and can be a smart choice for many commercial applications. At Hoover Metal, we are always happy to help in all aspects, from design, to permitting, to construction, Hoover Metal Buildings is experienced in all aspects of steel frame design.

The short answer? As big as you need! Hoover can construct clear span steel framed buildings up to and exceeding 120’ wide! (Depending on design). After that the length is virtually unlimited.

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Both Hoover offices in Lexington and in Greer have a complete staff to accommodate all of our customer’s needs and our own fleet of equipment to expedite the work. Hoover Buildings Systems, Inc. has developed a reputation for quality and integrity in every aspect of its business. Hoover Building Systems, Inc. is a licensed general contractor and is fully insured.

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